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About Margie's Lodge

Margie's Lodge is named as a tribute to Dr. Marjorie Carol Horn-Darboe (fondly  known as Margie) (1948-2002). An Ivy League-educated demographer who devoted her professional life to the empowerment of women in the Third World, she worked for USAID as a senior program officer for Family Planning Programs in Sub Saharan Africa, parts of the Middle East and South America. She fell in love with Bansang when she met and married one of the sons of the community, the proprietor and CEO of the lodge. 

Each Unit has its own modern bathroom, a beautifully furnished living room and ceiling fans.

Secure parking space is available within the gated property.

2018 NEWS

A brand new conference centre with halls available for public or private events (meetings, weddings, etc) as well as a restaurant will be opening within the year !
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